Martha Stewart features an annual contest recognizing ingenuity and excellence in the fields of crafts, design, food, and style.  This contest is known as the Martha Stewart Made in America Award.  Six years since the establishment of Kona Coffee Purveyors, our roastery has been built for the sole purpose of paying homage to one of Hawaii’s greatest agricultural products – Kona Coffee.

We were notified that we were selected as a 2014 Coffee Food Finalist and we were elated for the opportunity to share news of our company.  From now until October 13, 2014 you have 6 votes daily.  Please support our company by voting for us here

Kona Coffee Purveyors - Martha Stewart American Made 2014 Finalist

Our roastery has been built on a plot of land in an area of Honolulu called “Sand Island.”  There is a kiawe tree that the family stood around during the land’s blessing over a decade ago.  This kiawe now enjoys the hum of the roastery and our conversations during lunch and coffee breaks.  When designing our roastery, we knew that there were important pieces that we would have to acquire as tools to roast beautiful Kona coffee well.  These pieces are the result of a dream in the making since 1998, and we are so proud to share our space and our product with you.  For our fans, please use coupon code KONA10 on your next order.  For our new friends, please use KONASHIP and enjoy free shipping on your first order.  We whole-heartedly thank you for your support and are very excited to be able to share our vision with you.


The Kona Coffee Purveyors Family

Raymond, Jacqueline, Liam, TK and Bennett