Life is busy, we like to simplify it. Coffee subscriptions are available to ensure you receive your coffee in the quantity and intervals you choose. If you make two cups of coffee a day, a pound of coffee will last you about 2 weeks. How to choose which subscription is best for you?

If you like one particular type of 100% Kona coffee, choose the 100% Pure Kona Subscription
If you like all the 100% Kona coffees, chose the Kona Experience Subscription
If you like the one of our artisan Kona blends, chose the The Kona Blend Subscription
If you want to leave the choice up to our master roaster and drink what we are drinking here at Kona Coffee Purveyors, choose the The Roaster’s Choice Subscription

You can start or stop your subscription at any time and are billed only once per month, even if you are receiving more than one shipment per month. Shipping costs *Fedex 2-Day* are included into the monthly price of your subscription.  You will receive a shipment notification for tracking purposes when your next coffee order is being roasted and packaged for delivery.   We are always here to answer any questions, please email or call us at 808-845-1700.