My background as a food chemist gave me a very scientific and analytical way of analyzing food.  It was, in my opinion, to standardize a way for the food industry to communicate with each other the textures, flavors, acidity and other measurable qualitative for foods that tantalize (or not..) our taste buds – but not necessarily a relatable method or familiar terminology for the customer to think about and describe food.

For this reason, in our cupping room at Kona Coffee Purveyors, we often like to taste coffee along with cup coffees – ultimately the goal is to discern crops that may hold more desirable taste profiles that others, refine our roast profiles and convey to our customers our thoughts on the flavors of the coffees we have chosen and are excited to share.

Coffees are cupped/tasted on their own or against other coffees that we are comparing them to.  Another fun way for us to explore and enjoy our coffees is to pair them, like wine pairings, with food.  Kona coffee has flavor profiles really lend themselves to a wide variety of complementary pairings.  Try a cup black, with cream and honey, with a sweet pastry, with a savory meal.  I just had a cup of our Kona Reserve with a slice of Creminelli Barolo salami – the chocolate notes became very pronounced and the fat from the salami really highlights the beautiful finish that our Kona Reserve portrays.

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