Hawaii’s Finest Artisan Roasted Kona Coffee

We specialize in artisan roasting the best single-estate, high-elevation Kona coffee beans from select farms each harvest season.  We strongly believe that roasting is very important in accentuating the flavor of the elevation and climate of each harvest and how the coffee is processed.  We use our experience and a process called cupping to select our coffees, evaluate the roast recipe to find the “sweet spot” for each of our coffees, and to ensure that we have consistency between our roasts from batch to batch.

Our state-of-the-art roastery is equipped with top-of-the-line roasters to ensure artisan roasting precision and was designed by our Master Roaster Raymond Suiter. We are committed to lavish care and attention to every detail from the coffee blossom to the cup.

Kona's Finest Coffee

Kona coffee from each harvest is graded by the Department of Agriculture by type and quality of bean. There are two types: Type I beans consist of two beans per cherry, flat on one side, oval on the other, and Type II beans consist of one round bean per cherry, otherwise known as peaberry. Further grading of these two types of beans then delves into quality as measured by size, moisture content, and purity of bean type. The grades, top first, of type I are 'Kona Extra Fancy', 'Kona Fancy', 'Kona Number 1', 'Kona Select', and 'Kona Prime'. The grades of type II are 'Peaberry Number 1' and 'Peaberry Prime.' A more detailed account of these varieties can be found on WikiPedia.

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